This is a celebration of the Life of Jeanne Heck!

Please click the slideshow link for memories of her.

Please sign guest book and leave a comment or charished moment about her.

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Please join us Saturday August 22, 2020 from 2-4pm for Jeanne Heck’s Virtual Visitation Zoom meeting

Meeting ID
874 6517 0681
Passcode 075753

To watch a tutorial on how to get started with Zoom, follow this link:
To see how to start the program on the desktop and enter meeting information to enter the meeting, click this link:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING. Zoom is free to use for meeting attendees, only those hosting the meeting need to pay anything. You will have to have the Zoom application on your phone (can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store for iPhones) or on your computer (can be placed on PC or Mac) but it will not cost you anything to download or use for this “meeting”. If you do not want to keep the application you can delete it once the visitation meeting is over. You will have to tell the computer/phone to allow access to the audio and video on the device for us to be able to see you (you will automatically see us).

We have set the visitation to start at 2pm and plan to sign off about 4pm, unless there are still people waiting to see us, we will then stay on until we get to everyone.

You will go into a waiting room and we will click to have you enter the meeting one at a time to work just as a receiving line would at a visitation. We apologize for the inconvenience of needing technology to make this work but in the interests of keeping everyone healthy and safe in light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, we feel this is the best way to see everyone. Thank you in advance for taking the time to join us and share your love for Jeanne Heck.